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Ways to Happyness

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Seven days of coaching based on the insights from Positive Psychology. This still young, but up-and-coming discipline of psychology is concerned with the aspects that are mentally beneficial to us and this way acts as a preventative tool against stressful reactions and mental illness.The focus of this coaching tool is the PERMA-System, developed by the renowned American psychologist Martin Seligman. This system aims to establish awareness of the aspects that mentally invigorate us and that allow us to lead a fulfilled life. The name P-E-R-M-A represents the following: Positive emotions, Engagement (‘Flow’), interpersonal Relations, Meaningful and sustainable Actions and Achievement of one’s goals.The app makes it possible to display how often we engage in mentally beneficial actions throughout our daily life. This is achieved by measuring the degree of the five components of the PERMA-system based on sliders over a period of seven days. Within the app a graphical visualisation of the measured values helps to track whether you did engage in more behaviours that lead towards a positive state of mind.Additionally, small experiments are sugested that can easily be integrated into your daily life. It is the aim off this experiments to expose you to new experiences, concerning other people or the events of the day. This will trigger your sense of exploration, as you begin to search actively for the special moments in your daily life. Or you are coached to have more fun during the day.The app „Ways to Happiness” can always be initialised for another 7 days. The results from each week can be sent directly to your email address. You may also want to make use of the FREE Excel module from, which helps to analyse the measured values. By doing this your path towards a better mental well-being and lasting happiness might become more obvious.